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HDB Fire Rated Door In Singapore

Wooden doors catch fire easily and spread rapidly, putting your property and loved one in danger. So how can you ensure the safety of your home in case of a fire incident?

Installing a fire rated HBD BTO door is the best way to safeguard your residence against fire damage. Knowing that your home is adequately protected from potential fire hazards also gives you peace of mind.

Welcome to BTO Door – a one-stop solution for your HDB Main Door and digital locks need in Singapore.


HDB Door

At BTO Door, we as a main door supplier in Singapore understand that every property is unique, and that’s why we offer a wide range of HDB BTO doors to suit different styles and preferences. Whether you need a BTO bedroom door or a HDB main door, we got you covered with various options for the main gate in Singapore, including wooden, glass, and aluminium doors suitable for HDB, condo, BTO, and landed properties.


Bundle Special Offer
3x7ft Fire Rated Main Door + Mild Steel Gate

Bundle of 3 Solid Laminate Door Bundle Offer
3Ft x 7Ft x 35mm


Client Said :

Contact Us 

10 years of experience in the fabricated solid laminate HDB main door. We produce more than 2000 doors for Singapore's new BTO house every month.

Contact us for the Best Promo Price for you. 

In-Store Help

Visit our showroom

@432 Balestier Road #01-442, our friendly staff here to serve you :)


No delivery charges with any purchase of more than $500, Free Installation

Online Orders

WhatsApp us, get the product information & confirm the order online.

Free Dismantle

Free dismantle old doors and bring away service for BTO  bedroom door.

Free Measurement

We provide site measurement services and offer solutions to any issues that may arise during the process.

After Sale

1 year warranty after installation. Contact us if any issues 😊

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